The FB Optin app Story

Below is my submitted article  to Ezine Articles trailing the saga of the FB Optin App during August/September 2011.


The FB Optin Ap is officially closed.




It’s not looking good for the FB Optin App – the future appears very cloudy right now.

The site is down and now the images are doing a fading chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Even  the links and the image have disappeared from some sites I have created. I feel we’ve been let down once again and the FB APP maybe no more.

The FB App Solution!

Was it getting worse before it started to get better?

WORDPRESS to the rescue it seems – FB Optin App is saved!

All of a sudden there were plugins to install and videos to watch. At my request, support almost immediately provided a manual in pdf format. Initially I was a little slow on the takeoff- doh! But finally won in the end. Even Derrick offered to help – exceptional support! Back and forth our messages went and the solution drawing ever closer. and then it finally clicked. All the pieces were coming together. It was all becoming obvious.

You need to install the plugin on wordpress, without it you cannot create your optinlinks and add your app to them, the plugin runs the show. You will be able to create squeeze pages on other domains just like the old optinapp button code, except the code will be your own domains urls where you installed the plugin.

Now it takes me virtually seconds to install the Application.

Welcome, The FB Optin App! You are a Gem in the online world.


UPDATE! May 6- The FB Optin App seems to be currently dead-in-the-water.

I’ve cancelled all promotions (little interest any way) and have no access for myself or any one else to set up any further App links or to edit or even to access my list of apps in wordpress. Whether this will ever return remains to be seen, dependant on support at FB Optin.

It’s a shame that this has happened. Support from its creator,Derrick, seems negilgible at best, zero at worst. Ever since its inception in April 2011 the App has been plagued with problems from the time Facebook closed it down to the present day with numerous changes since.


Michael J Ming is a forever-learning and aspiring entrepreneur always up for a challenge.

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